Candidates should 'invest in good will' while campaigning

Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2002

It has been a relatively quiet primary election campaign -- so far, at least -- and for that, most people probably are grateful. In years past, this has been a season for raucous and occasionally mean-spirited name-calling among candidates.

There's still time for some of that before election day rolls around on Aug. 27 -- although we hope not. Rather, we'd like to see embraced a suggestion from the Indianapolis Star, following a special legislative session in Indiana that was called to help solve a budget deficit. Sound familiar?

Well, nothing much happened and the Hoosier lawmakers adjourned after collecting a total of $215,700 for their work.

After it was all over, the Star editorially suggested that the legislators ''invest in good will'' by donating their pay back to the state to help alleviate the budget crisis. Whether any did or not is unknown. However, just the thought captured our notice.

During the final days of the primary campaign, and in the course of the general election races still to come, it would be good if all the candidates here were to ''invest in good will.''

Not by putting money in the kitty to help the state's budget problems, but rather to avoid such tactics as name-calling, uncivil attacks and last-minute smears. Those shouldn't be a requisite to an election victory. The hope would be that perhaps this will be the year when decency and respect and positive campaign proposals will carry the day with voters.

But, politics being politics, we'll have to stay tuned on this idea.

-- Voice of the Times

July 27

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