Where's the caretakers?

Posted: Friday, July 31, 2009

I am appalled that the state or the borough or whoever owns Tom Young's old house and property on Kasilof Beach Road is letting it be destroyed.

The house is an old landmark that shouldn't be used by everybody and their dog for a campsite and flop house by some of the people fishing who obviously don't give a damn about Alaska history.

Tom Young from Port Graham raised at least 21 of his army kids in that old house, and the house was there even before Tom was. It should at least have a fence around it in the hope that people will treat it with respect.

What the heck? Why are the powers that be letting people camp there? I thought at one time it was to be restored or cared for. I am frosted!

If it can't be taken care of by our caretakers ("We the people"), give it back to Tom and his relatives!

Dru Sorenson


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