Ending health insurance scams

Posted: Friday, July 31, 2009

Opinion poll company InsiderAdvantage recently queried 636 people to find out how "Americans" feel about Obama's health-care proposal. On that basis, company president Matt Towery (Clarion Opinion, July 21) claims that most of us are opposed -- that we distrust the feds to "provide and administer an efficient and effective health-care program."

Very different conclusions might have been reached had he asked how many trust the feds less than they trust insurance companies. Who is more likely to deny new claims as a blanket policy, hoping that clients will give up and quit trying to collect? Who is most likely to take your payments year-after-year, yet deny coverage when you really need it? Who has to divide payouts between clients, stockholders and fat-cat executives? Who would you rather have making medical payment decisions for you -- a corporate bean-counter or a bureaucrat who listens to your doctor and who is ultimately answerable to the public? Who is most readily held accountable for fulfilling the public trust -- a corporate giant that would rather pay huge fees to attorneys than fair settlements to victims?

Every insurance premium dollar paid to parasitic middlemen is one less for physicians.

Stephen Stringham


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