Iced coffee becoming a summer staple

Posted: Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TOPEKA, Kan. — Iced coffee — or any iced drink for that matter — is popular during the dog days of summer.

McDonald's, known primarily for its hamburgers and french fries, started offering three flavors of iced coffee — vanilla, hazelnut and regular — in May.

The option is proving popular.

"Especially summertime," said Patrick Manning, marketing supervisor for four Topeka, Kan., McDonald's.

"Topeka has always been a very strong McDonald's market. We've been very pleased."

Vanilla is the most popular flavor, Manning said. Sam Spinelli, restaurant manager for a McDonald's, said afternoon is the busiest time for selling the iced coffee. Nationwide, mothers tend to be the ones requesting the iced beverages.

"A lot of females," Manning said. "A few men, but mostly moms."

The McDonald's iced coffees come in two sizes: medium (24 ounces) and large (32 ounces).

For a medium vanilla, Spinelli added four shots of vanilla syrup to ice. Then, she added light cream and room-temperature specially brewed coffee.

A medium vanilla or hazelnut iced coffee contains 180 calories, while the medium regular-flavored iced coffee has 190 calories, allowing health-concious customers to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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