Mac users unaffected by Code Red

Posted: Thursday, August 02, 2001

Macintosh computers aren't immune to invasion by viruses, according to Bob Jones, systems manager for the Kenai Peninsula Borough's MIS Department. But their popularity -- or lack of it -- helps minimize the risk.

He used the "Code Red" worm as an example. The worm, which had reached "high risk" status on Tuesday as users worldwide braced for its second attack this summer, targets a flaw found in Microsoft's Internet Information Services software used on Internet services, found on Windows' NT and 2000 operating systems. A patch, offered on Microsoft's TechNet site on the World Wide Web, is available to block the invasion.

"I'm not sure it has to do with the operating systems as much as it does with the popularity or sheer numbers," Jones said. "Put yourself in the mind-set of a hacker. They tend to go for numbers.

"In the old days, everything was proprietary," he went on to say. "Now things are open. Computers talk to computers. That's a tremendous asset to the computer industry and computer users, but unfortunately that openness is also a vulnerability."

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