Bush lauding 'spin' doesn't change facts

Posted: Monday, August 02, 2004

Since Mr. Brown chose to launch a vicious Limbaugh type diatribe against me, I thought he deserved an answer based on facts.

I don't know what letter Mr. Brown read, but it was not the one I wrote. He reminds me of a soon-to-be self-retiring local legislator who had trouble reading, too.

If you cannot refute the facts you resort to the Limbaugh technique of a few kernels of truth lathered over with distortions and half truths and repeats of mistruths put out by the Bush re-election campaign.

Mr. Brown, Bush said we were going to war because of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and ties to bin Laden. Bush pushed his people before the war to find "evidence" against Saddam. As a former soldier, you should know that when the commander says something is wanted, the good trooper says "yes sir" and makes it happen. The good bureaucrat also is well aware of what his bosses want, and they know if they come up with something else they may get riffed out because they were not Bush's "team players." This is how you get "flawed" intelligence.

There were no WMDs. The 9/11 Commission said there were no ties. The Bush administration, when shown the reasons for the war were false, then proceeded to claim Saddam was a bad man who oppressed his people and needed to be removed. If the facts don't fit your rationale just change the facts and your rationale. You've bought the bait and switch hook, line and sinker.

If you have been reading the news about Sudan, based on your logic, then you should ask yourself why Bush is not sending troops to war there against what is clearly a despotic government engaged in genocide. Maybe this can be excused because it is only black people being exterminated.

Mr. Brown, you did not refute Bush's own words: " ... after all he did try to kill my daddy... ." He made the mistake of saying this in front of news cameras. When all other reasons have been eliminated whatever remains must be true. Bush wanted revenge on Saddam for Saddam's 1993 death plot on Daddy Bush. If you think this is a good reason for war, then I suggest you re-up to take the place of your children and grandchildren. Volunteer to drive one of those trucks on Iraqi roads in place of your children. Take the risks you so causally demand of others.

All the reports coming in indicate that the Iraq war has in fact caused the ranks of terrorists to increase. It has become bin Laden's best recruiting tool.

I obviously care more about your children and your future generations than you do. That tax cut you're so pleased with is being financed with borrowed money that future generations will have to pay back plus interest. You did not refute the fact that Bush is generating the largest budget deficits in history. But then you really not interested in facts just Bush spin.

If my grandsons or yours do die in Bush's revenge war in Iraq, it is true they won't be here to help your other grandchildren repay your tax cuts.

If you want to attack someone, be sure to carefully read what they said. Don't put your spin on their words. Don't make resort to baseless name calling and the Limbaugh method, but then that is the new GOP way. Then again, you may be proud of the way the GOP treated triple amputee Vietnam Vet Sen. Max Cleeland of Georgia. As an American, I was deeply shamed.

William J. Phillips, Kenai

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