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Posted: Tuesday, August 02, 2005

OK OK, I am really sorry that John has to work so much, I promise to get him a laptop someday so he can write these stories from work. John works a 12 and 12 shift across the inlet. He has never been one to sleep much so on his hours off he finds time to fit in some Pike fishing, berry picking, and bear spying. Right now he is so busy on his time off while he is across the inlet picking berries and scoping out the bears, I am not sure he would have time to write a story even if he could, oh yeah he would. So here we go again!! Each year about this time, it seems the population of the Kenai Peninsula really swells. The number of residents at the Perkovich house also increases. Funny how that happens. Each year we have a special guest that comes from California to enjoy our splendid fishing. Last year he brought his son and this year he brought his 4 delightful brothers. These types of guests are great, no entertaining needed, they had all their trips planned out and we barely saw them enough to say good night. Well we did enjoy some meals with them and they did take Travis with them to help fish for reds a couple of days.

Each year one of Mark’s trips is a Halibut trip with Captain Charley of Charley Charters. Each year he takes anywhere from 1 - 4 Perkoviches with him and I got to be the lucky one this year. Just my kind of trip, we didn’t even have to get up early since we didn’t have to meet Charley until 1:15 PM. The fist spot we tried wasn’t too good as the fish were pretty little so Charley moved us to a more desirable Halibut hole. The first 2 fish caught were cod that had it been spring might have been kept but not at this time of year. Shortly after the cod, one of the brothers hooked into a 90+ pounder and did we laugh at this greenhorn halibut fisherman reeling that one in. After that, despite a little slow start all the fishers on the boat caught their limit. I for one am glad that the limit is only 2 because I don’t think I could reel any more than that up from 200+ feet of water. Whew!! All in all it was a delightful time. It was really neat to see these grown brothers teasing each other and just having a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company. It once again brought back the reminder that we all need to spend time with our loved ones as much as possible. These guys, Mark, Michael, Matthew, and Marlon, related to me that although they all have lived fairly close in California they barely saw each other up until a few years ago when one of them decided they needed to start getting together. They even all formed a bowling team, “The Flying Dutchmen”. This type of family camaraderie is welcome at our home any time; it is a good lesson for the kids that they too may even get along when they grow up!

Well, I hope all of you are filling your freezers and yet keeping a little room for the hunting season. Hopefully John will get a story (handwritten-oh no) to me this next week.

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