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Posted: Friday, August 03, 2001

Reader bites back

Question: What is the difference between Don Johnson and a 747 landing?

Answer: The 747 stops whining when it lands.

James V. Arness

North Kenai

Sportfishing industry should realize it is its worst enemy

Don Johnson now claims "... the public is being told that it cannot catch some fish for the dinner table ..." because Fish and Game and the commercial fishermen have shut down the Kenai. A few thoughts come to mind:

Fish for the dinner table? Last week, while checking my father-in-law in at the Kenai airport, I observed a man check through three 70-pound boxes of fish bound for California. Fish for the dinner table indeed.

Early in June, some friends-of-friends back in Texas stopped by our place to say hello. They were upset that all the full-hookup campgrounds were full because they needed electricity for the freezer and vacuum sealer they'd brought along. Fish for the dinner table indeed.

Second, it's tiring and counterproductive to hear Fish and Game and the commercial fishing industry blamed for everything that negatively affects the sportfishing industry. The sportfishing industry is its own worst enemy.

Third, as one member of Johnson's "public," I can't catch fish for the dinner table because I can't find a place to fish. Some folks don't mind timing their cast to the members of the public standing on either side of them -- I can't go there.

And so the salmon wars drone on, each economic faction blaming the other for its economic misfortunes.

A final thought comes to mind: Montana, another state blessed with an abundant fishery and lots of people, resident and nonresident, who want to fish, has begun closing certain streams at certain times to all nonresident fishing and to all commercial guiding. An account of Montana's action can be found on page 12 of the September issue of Fly Fisherman magazine.

John Nelson


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