End of Longevity Bonus, fund came from Knowles

Posted: Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I figure Tony (Knowles) will become Alaska's governor for the third time, since Frank (Murkowski) has fulfilled his part of the bargain to abolish the Longevity Bonus and to keep chipping away at the permanent fund, which keeps us on red alert. Not to mention the sweetheart deals with the oil companies that are all owned by the Mother Country.

So, to find out why some people, whom I consider to be intelligent and interested, were saying that Tony was a lousy governor, I asked around and here's what I got:

Back when Tony was in charge and dealing with the Clinton Regime, the plan to close out the Longevity Bonus and the permanent fund were both put into action; not just thought of.

Do you really think the wealthiest state in the union isn't on top of the fed's conquering list?

And the conquering can reach more easily, be done with the help of the state government that's in the same party as the reigning regime.

Do you think we, the workers, will get full health coverage in place of the permanent fund? Birth to death health care of your choice, dental and eyes? Ask him.

We need a third party.

Cheri Edwards


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