Reader: So much for river management

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 03, 2007

Property owners on the Kenai River need a say as to how they develop their land. Bill Bailey of Sterling thinks it's politics that allows the buildings down river to be built so close to the river. Maybe so, but I must applaud the Kenai Peninsula Borough for allowing taxpayers to utilize their property to its full potential.

No one should have a problem with the borough's decision as long as the project is environmentally sound. The river committee says it is only concerned about the fish. Well, how about the fact that they talked the former owner of our place on the river into removing the large boulders protecting the bank and replaced the rocks with dead trees. Now the bank is eroding at a fast pace. The boats use the bank in front of our house to end their drift and take off full boar back up the river to drift down again with the same process repeated time and again.

Pretty soon, thanks to the river committee, we won't have a house left — it will fall into the Kenai River.

So much for river management.

Gail Mcdowell


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