Upcoming election crucial to future of United States

Posted: Wednesday, August 04, 2004

We now know who the candidates for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. I think the election in November will be the most important presidential choosing for the past 50 years. The choice will give us integrity and confidence or continued or the opposite, erosion of trust.

If you believe the reason we went to war with Iraq was for freedom and security for America, Bush-Chaney should be elected, remember they were appointed last election by the Supreme Court.

If you are sastified with the current Medicare-Medicaid, the discount card will take care of health needs for people who can't afford it, please support Bush-Chaney.

If you think the U. S. can still say, "either you are with us or against us" to the international community, vote for Bush-Chaney

If you believe that a $300 or $600 check was a real tax deduction and this was for the working Americans, Bush-Chaney should get your vote.

If you believe that spending a $3 trillion surplus and now have amassed a deficit that you, your children, your grandchildren can never pay off, again your choice is Bush-Chaney.

If you think your church and minister should tell you how to vote, Bush-Chaney gets your vote.

Disagreement with any of the above should be enough to consider the Kerry-Edwards ticket. I thought I would add these statements to William Phillips letter, dated Aug. 2.

Bill Starnes, Kenai

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