Ward better candidate in local Senate race

Posted: Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The local Alaska Senate race is an interesting one pitting a likeable, compassionate conservative in Jerry Ward against the more liberal Tom Wagoner, who ran with another political party and used Democrats' propaganda in a biased newspaper and a slanderous campaign to win the last election cycle.

The issues that will be discussed include the PFD, taxes, lobbyist influences, insurance reform, social stances and hunting and fishing platforms.

On HB11, Tom Wagoner was the final vote needed to take 25 percent of the PFD ($42 million to $100 million) and put into the Alaskan government to add 830 new government workers. Jerry Ward opposed this bill by promising to protect PFD checks for our families.

On taxes, Tom Wagoner sponsored SB106 that added $40 of taxes for each set of tires, supported HB162 that raised business license fees, HB170 that raised vehicle registration fees, and HB271 and SB106 that also raised taxes. Jerry Ward opposed all of the bills.

On lobbyist influences, Wagoner supported SB112 that allowed for more lobbyist monies, allowed incumbents to raise more money for elections and would discourage people to run for a political office. Jerry Ward feels lobbyists have too much influence in Juneau and that all people should be able to run for a political office on equal footing.

On insurance reform, Tom Wagoner is listening to the Anchorage lawyers who support him and is against reform of car, health-care and homeowner insurance to lower costs. Jerry Ward feels insurance costs are too high and supports reforms.

In the social area, Tom Wagoner is a pro-abortion liberal despite the fact that the majority of people feel unborn children are important. In Psalm 139, we see God's will for our children with His power being magnified in the development of human life before birth and how God watches over the unborn child in the womb. Jerry Ward is solidly pro-life and pro-children.

In the area of hunting and fishing issues, Tom Wagoner supported rural preference and didn't take a stand against Gov. Knowles when he gave the permanent control of our rivers to the federal government in the Hickel case. Jerry Ward feels all citizens should have equal access to hunting and fishing rights and that Alaskans should control our rivers and fisheries.

Let's see Tom Wagoner back to the California golf course and reelect Jerry Ward a defender of the PFD and a real Republican.

Joan Szepanski, Soldotna

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