Keeping the sky up

Posted: Friday, August 04, 2006

I have grown tired of the big contest between Big Oil and their surrogates and the cruise ship industry and their surrogates. They are battling to prove who is the best at out Rushing Rush Limbaugh. Take a small kernel of truth and lather it over with distortions, half truths and outright lies. Both are so good at it it will be hard to pick a winner! And both are spending big bucks in their efforts to scam all of us.

Big Oil claims we’ll get a natural gas pipeline soon, but their plans call for it in about 10 years — if then. Meanwhile they are telling all to get that job training now and be sure to tell your legislator to vote to give away the farm.

I keep telling all the legislators that the Big Oil gas line deal and campaign is a scam, and if they buy into it they will prove Murkowski correct when he claimed that the legislators were not smart enough to understand his oil tax and gas line proposals. A vote for either proves they are not smart enough.

The cruise ship honchos would have you believe the tourism industry will end if we vote to make them pay their fair share of the costs associated with their business. I have watched their Alaska toadies screaming the sky will fall if we vote for the tax.

I intend to vote for the tax, and I’ll bet anyone the sky won’t fall. The tourists will keep coming. The foreign owned cruise ship industry will survive, but they will have to start paying their share. I pay mine. You pay yours. I cannot think of any real reasons why they should not be made to pay theirs.

Hopefully, Alaskans will prove to Big Oil and the cruise ship industry we are not the fools they think we are.

William Phillips


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