Wagoner wants record made clear

Posted: Thursday, August 05, 2004

Let's clear the air from Jerry Ward's $130,000 smoke machine (Letters, Joan Szepanski, 8-4-04). First of all, if you have any questions about my record, call me at 283-4930. I'm not afraid to debate the issues or explain my votes.

Let the truth come out there's some things money can't buy.

I did not sponsor Senate Bill 106 that was the governor's bill. And it did not add $40 of taxes for each set of tires. It was only a $2.50 per tire charge. If the tires are studded, there's an additional charge. Jerry's supporters say I'm for taxes, but how does he explain my votes against a sales tax, against an income tax and against increasing the tobacco tax? Yes, I voted for the user fees that pay for the services used by the person paying the fee. How fair is it to make everyone pay when not everyone uses?

The letter writer complained about SB112, but I think she meant SB119. SB119 did increase the limit on campaign contributions, but it strengthened reforms on Outside contributions and issue ads.

I'm not quite sure how I can be expected to have stood up to Tony Knowles I wasn't in office until the former governor's term had ended. But I did vote for legislation this session asserting Alaska's rights to all of the submerged lands under navigable waters in the state.

As far as the permanent fund and House Bill 11 go, let's be real clear: HB11 did not take one dollar out of the permanent fund. You cannot take any money out of the fund without a vote of the people it's protected by the Constitution.

Now, I did vote against the one measure that would have raided the fund HJR26 the governor's percent of market value (POMV) plan. I voted against that one twice, despite every effort by the governor and his office.

Again, if you have any questions about my record, call me at 283-4930.

Sen. Tom Wagoner

District Q

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