Huge campaign funds won't sway voter

Posted: Friday, August 06, 2004

Dear politicians,

I will be the first to tell you that I do not understand all of the issues that effect this great country of ours. One thing that I do understand is that this country, state and borough is crumbling, and there does not seem to be any ethics and morals in politics anymore.

I was reading the Clarion the other day about the Tom Wagoner and Jerry Ward campaign where it said that one of the candidates had spent $140,000 of his own money for campaigning.

I also heard on the news that Tony Knowles had raised more than $2 million and Lisa Murkowski had raised more than $3 million, and I am sure there are others. What kind of place do we live in where a candidate would spend more money to win a position then he would ever get back in salary.

How many teaching positions could be saved and bus routes could be saved with all of that money? If you think that you need all of that money to win an election, then you might be right, but you definitely do not have my vote.

I will be voting for any candidates that believe that you do not have to be wealthy to run for an office. Besides, one only knows how you get that money back anyway! Thanks for listening to me complain. Get out there and vote this fall.

Joey Hensley, Soldotna

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