Kopp took high road, Clarion should, too

Posted: Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The ongoing media coverage of Chuck Kopp just seems to stoop to new lows of ethical decency at every turn.

First of all the Alaska media tries to resurrect a three-year-old harassment complaint, that was resolved three years ago, into a forefront issue. Sadly because of this media hyperbole, Chuck Kopp, a good person who has served this community well for many years, steps down from his newly appointed position as commissioner. Perhaps he should be the one filing a harassment complaint.

Then on Tuesday, the Clarion prints a cartoon depicting Mr. Kopp loosing his job with the interviewer asking "Does someone need a hug." Surely no decent person would think that it is funny to loose your job under any circumstance, let alone due to this unfortunate series of events. What's next? A cartoon depicting someone whose house just burned down or perhaps the death of a loved one or some other stressful event and play it off as some sort of joke?

The Clarion should be a community newspaper dedicated to the betterment of our state and local areas. Mr. Kopp has surely taken the high road throughout this ridiculous media event. Perhaps it's time the local paper takes an introspective look at just what their moral and ethical position will be and take the high road, too.

Mr. Kopp has surely strived to do just that through his dedication to his job, community and family.

Dr. Bob Bauder


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