Killing longevity bonus checks takes money from merchants

Posted: Thursday, August 07, 2003

It is amazing to me that more letters to the editor regarding actions in Juneau haven't been published. The governor has taken $250 a month from me. Really he did not take it from me, he took it from the merchants of Kenai. Guess I can stand it, but long-time friends in Anchorage without the $250 are going to lose their home.

The Republicans under the father of our president forced NAFTA on us. It is a fair guess that when then-Sen. Frank Murkowski voted on that issue, he followed the party line to eliminate jobs in America.

Hiring someone to run the Fish and Game who refuses to follow the order of the court puts doubt in my mind if either is honest.

Your article (Voices of Alaska) clearly states our governor's position regarding new road construction. He would build a road from Chignik to King Salmon. This road would cross three major rivers. Those bridges would be longer than any in existence in the rest of Alaska today. This road would cross four federal parks, wildlife preserves etc.

If the road went from Iliamna Bay to King Salmon it would only be half as long, cross no major rivers and no federal parks or preserves; 10 miles of it are already built.

The $40 million the governor took from the over-65ers could be used for lawyers to fight Washington for the right to cross those federal parks, preserves, etc. from Chignik to King Salmon!

It should be enough for the first year of litigation.

James V. Arness


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