Borough mayor should answer questions about winter games

Posted: Thursday, August 07, 2003

With the imminent financial failure of other prominent facilities operated by "nonprofit" groups, the following questions concerning Arctic Winter Games 2006 become even more important to borough taxpayer. These questions have already been asked several times, and so far Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dale Bagley has failed to provide the answers:

1. Exactly what is the total financial exposure to borough taxpayers?

2. Will the operational expenses for these games diminish our borough savings account? If so, how much will the borough mill rate need to be increased to balance future budgets?

3. Exactly what new facilities will be built?

4. How much will any new facilities cost to build?

5. Where will the money come from to build these new facilities?

6. Who will own these proposed new facilities, and how much will it cost borough taxpayers to keep each new facility open when the games are over?

7. What will be the annual operations and maintenance expense for the life of any new facilities, and who will be responsible for these costs?

8. Will there be a real property tax mill rate increase required to pay for keeping any new facilities open?

9. Does Jack Brown or other CEDD staff use borough time to perform Arctic Winter Games "host society" duties? If so, how will the time and expense for borough employees working on the games be tracked for accounting purposes?

The mayor should provide the answers to these very important questions as soon as possible because everyone needs to know the answers.

Mike McBride

North Kenai

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