Cities should honor Shane Webster with a welcome home parade

Posted: Friday, August 08, 2003

To the protesters,

I cannot believe that you don't have better ways to spend your time than standing on the street corner holding a sign. Next time all ten of you should go to the library and study up on U.S. history. You would find out why you are free people. You would no doubt trade your signs for U.S. flags. You say you were not against the troops, you were against the war. If you were against the war you were against the troops!

How fortunate you are to live in the good old USA and don't know it. People like you should be sent to Iraq where life meant nothing to Saddam. Kill the kids, rape the women, put the men in prison and torture them and shoot hundreds of people in the head and bury the men in mass graves. Whether it be WMD or Saddam, he had to go. You protesters should have went and protested on the U.S. Capitol lawn, that way the president and all the Congress could have seen how foolish you were.

You protesters are very fortunate that Mr. Webster didn't make a trip to the rodeo grounds to fill his buckets.

To Mayor Bagley and Mayor Carey,

I read the article the two of you put in the Clarion. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking the side of the protesters. You should have not been on either side, in fact you would have been better off not putting the article in the paper. Especially coming from an ex-Marine and one who lost his father in the military.

Let me make a suggestion to the borough, cities of Soldotna and Kenai and the chambers of commerce in both cities: Why don't you get together and have a Labor Day parade in honor of Shane Webster. He will be home about the middle of August. You could have the "colors," followed by Shane, his father and mother riding in a conversible, followed by the Skyview and SoHi marching bands, the young Marines, VFW, AmVets, National Guard, fire trucks, aid cars, troopers and all the guide boats in the area, especially Mr. Webster's that says on the side, "Protesters Suck." Just think, sirens blowing, horns honking, flags waving and great American people with their children clapping and shouting. You couldn't do this in Iraq.

What a great welcome home for a proud young Marine who knows what it is like to ride in a Humvee through the streets of Baghdad setting behind a .50 cal. machine gun not knowing when an RPG might hit the Humvee or small arms fire might take him out.

Just think, he did this so the protesters could stand on the corner holding their signs.

Oh yes, the protesters would also be welcome to be in the parade carrying American flags, because they were not against the troops.

To Jeff Webster,

Thank you, Jeff, for having guts enough to stand up to the protesters. I thought it was great!! And for a good cause: your boy, Shane!

I am going to take a SWAG scientific wild guess (in military terms) that none of the protesters, jury members or judicial people have ever been in your shoes; facing the reality of having a loved one in a war being in harms way, having RPGs, bullets etc. fired at them and having to wear protective clothing and mask for fear of a chemical attack, and the possibility of the loved one not coming back alive. If they would have, they would have been holding Old Glory on the street corner instead of protest signs. The judicial people and jury would have seen it different also. Thanks again, Jeff, you are a true American.

To Shane Webster, Cpl., USMC,

A great big thank you, Shane, for giving four years fo your young life to help protect our great nation. I am quite sure you will never regret the time you spent in the Marines, and the training you got will be very valuable in life to come.

You can be very proud of your father for standing up to the protesters and very disappointed in the protesters, judicial people, jury and anyone else who was against the war.

So welcome home, Shane. You and your folks can walk down main street or fish on the Kenai with your heads held high. Take advantage of every benefit the military has to offer to veterans. You have earned them.

God bless you and every veteran who has ever served their country. You are true Americans.

Earl L. Miller, CSM USA (Ret.), Soldotna

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