Legislature, governor only want to spend more taxpayer money

Posted: Friday, August 08, 2003

Once again I will attempt to explain what prompted the Longevity Bonus Program. This is for people who may not have been here 40 years or more.

When Alaska first became a state, there were few permanent jobs, and most work was seasona three to five months of the year. Hardly any pension programs, other than social security, and very little paid in during the year. This made small chcks when you retired, or were too old to work. These people helped to settle the state and have paid their dues.

Some of the legislators and governor apparently were not interested enough in old people to inquire into it's origin.

The added money to a longevity participant enabled them to live in Alaska. Now some will be forced to leave or go on welfare.

Any legislator or governor who cannot see the inequity of cutting those who are 75-plus years of age, who are unable to work and putting in place the welfare sugar coated placebo is not interested or cannot comprehend, and just wants to dictate to the people (he or she) is supposed to represent.

What do we have, a new form of state government dictatorship? Recently a local senator made a statement that there were not enough votes to hold a special session on the longevity bonus, and with results being kept secret, who do they really represent???

They give away the state to special interests in roads, oil, bridges, lobbyist interest, added user fees, and new taxes and continue to take from those who can least afford it.

To these legislators and governor who will not listen to the voice of the people, I suggest a complete recall.

One other important issue to everyone is the permanent fund.

The issue from legislators and governor on "Percent of Market Value Spending Limit (POMV)" another sugar coated placebo beware, this is a Trojan horse. They have coveted the longevity bonus and permanent fund and they will take it all you will get zero. Why should we believe anything they say?

Vern Jones, Kenai

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