Reader: Time to show how democracy works

Posted: Monday, August 08, 2005

The Senate Intelligence Committee spent a year assembling and analyzing pertinent data prior to the invasion of Iraq. The second phase of this investigation was to determine how this data was used.

Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican from Kansas, felt that Phase 2 may in some way disrupt the upcoming 2004 general election and should be postponed until that event was completed. The Democrats on the committee yielded to his decision because he solemnly promised that Phase 2 would definitely be reopened.

It's been many months since the election and past time to reopen the investigation. Many months of the committee's time was spent on the preliminary work of gathering the data of why we invaded Iraq.

Now is the time to culminate this huge time and expense to the taxpayers and uncover how this intelligence was used.

Roberts has reneged on his promise. He has flatly refused to consider reopening the investigation. Why doesn't he want the committee to finish its job? What is it he is afraid of disclosing? Is he following a directive from the White House? Why are we paying for an investigating committee that won't do their job? Thousands of letters have been written to this committee from people all across this nation and Roberts is still stalling.

This committee and the administration are being attacked for their reprehensible conduct by an unprecedented number of disgusted voters. We must not condone the horrendous actions of this administration. Our democracy, as the U.S. Constitution intended, is being dismantled piece by piece by theocrats and plutocrats who are serving someone or thing other than the people of the United States.

The whole world is now under attack by dissident terrorists. Now we are beginning to see dissension within our own country by our own people. Is it possible that this dissension is occurring for similar reasons? Our country has undergone civil strife before; let's not allow it to ever happen again. Let's show the world how a democracy works.

Evan Cundiff, Homer

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