Local Subway is serious about Healthy Changes

Posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

For many years Subway restaurants have been encouraging Americans to make healthy changes in their dietary selections, and now local Subway franchise owner Mike Northcutt has purchased the Healthy Changes fitness club next door to his K-Beach Rd. Subway location. “I took a look at it from a business perspective to see if there was a synergy between the health club and our Subway health conscious message and being that we are not located next to a major retailer we were already relying on our neighbor Healthy Changes for our visibility so it seemed to be a perfect fit to promote this location,” said Northcutt.

According to Northcutt he is not planning any major changes to the popular Healthy Changes staff, “The first thing we did was set up a standard business organization with a club manager who is Amy George, a manager to deal with our membership and marketing, and that is Lisa Cutler, and a manager to deal with our instructors who is Joni Dykstra. We also created supervisor positions for our day care and our front desk,” said Northcutt.

Many of the Healthy Changes personnel just returned from a national conference in Los Vegas and seemed pumped with new ideas, “A group of our instructors just returned from the Idea Conference and have brought with them new ideas on how to make our existing classes better as well as some ideas for some new incoming equipment so we are really excited and plan to expand our fall schedule to encourage new members to check us out. Additionally we have Crystal Sholin’s Move to Live clothing line in stock and the sales are going to support breast cancer research and awareness,” said Amy George.

Mike Northcutt is not only the proud new owner of Healthy Changes but he is big fan of the Tim Sturm Band. Mike’s son Josh who graduated from high school this spring plays with the band and will be leaving for Portland to pursue a musical career this fall, “The Tim Sturm Band is planning a farewell concert August 18th at the KCHS Auditorium at 8:00pm. This will be their last concert in Alaska so we are hoping for a huge turn out to encourage them and give them a great send off, it’ll be a great concert and I hope no one misses it,” said Northcutt. Advance tickets will be available at all local Subway locations and at Healthy Changes. Tim Sturm hats are also available at Healthy Changes. “Healthy choices, healthy foods, leads to Healthy Changes, pretty good slogan right?” said Northcutt. For information about membership or available classes call Healthy Changes at 262-6197.

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