Reader: Salmon or not

Posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Kenai River sportfishing machine works by guides angling for sucker (their clients) clients fishing for salmon. Sportfishing guides push for more sport fishing permits, bigger boats, larger engine horsepower and more fish up the river. All factors at the same time devaluing the client experience, damaging the river banks, bluffs and river bed, as more salmon are fighting for less favorable spawning geography in the bottom of the river and its tributaries.

It’s more for less, more guides, more client fisherman, more access boat and motor yielding less quantity and quality for all thus eventually no salmon.

Who has the nerve to break the cycle and actually conserve, or shall we follow the proven approach above as Washington and Oregon fisheries did? If we remove the salmon for the equation, then both the end user groups could agree on conservation.

Aaron Morse


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