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Posted: Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well, well, well, guess what...............John didn’t get a story to me. I am very sorry because I am not very good at this. I have a question for anyone. Why do some people get seasick and some don’t? Why do I get sea sick out of Homer but not out of Deep Creek or Anchor Point? It has always amazed me how my dad never seems to get sick even when the water is horrible. Well just a question to ponder. Travis (our youngest) and Brad (our oldest) just got back from halibut fishing with our friend Jim Ries and Brad’s girlfriend Mandy. Brad caught the first fish and promptly got so sick he laid down for the rest of the trip. See what I mean-he got sick when no one else did, well I guess Travis was feeling a little ill after eating a few too many donuts. They brought home a nice bunch of halibuts and now we all have a little fuller freezer.

The halibut join all the reds from this dip-netting season. That is something else that is interesting - how there are so many ways to fill a person’s freezer with Red Salmon. Some people enjoy the snagging of red salmon, but to me it is just too crowded, in fact to me salmon fishing in July is just too crowded anywhere. Other people dip net either in the Kasilof or in the Kenai. Some catch fish on shore and some from a boat. This is beginning to sound like a Dr Seuss book - Green Eggs and Ham I do believe. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you catch your fish in a legal manner. Well which ever way you like it, I hope all of you caught the fish you needed or had some one to catch them for you. I keep praying John finds a way to get a story to you, so hopefully he will see you next week.

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