New Subway stop on K-Beach

Posted: Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ten years ago Mike Northcutt and his father opened the first Subway on the Kenai Peninsula in Kenai, followed a year later by the Subway shop in Soldotna. Last October the Northcutt's purchased the Subway store in Homer, and a few weeks ago opened their new location on K-Beach Rd.

A seasoned fast food entrepreneur, Northcutt is encouraged by the growth he is seeing at his Subway restaurants, "When K-mart closed we saw an immediate 10 to 15% drop in our business, but that has now been absorbed by the overall growth in the market itself, and since the slump we have seen double digit growth numbers over the last four years and we have actually exceeded the national Subway growth trend over the last year and a half," said Northcutt.


The new Subway sign is being moved into place at the new store on K-Beach Rd.

With the new dietary eating habits of Americans and the popular low fat publicity campaign of Jared, Northcutt says that Subway has gone from being a secondary fast food outlet, to becoming the national leader in low-carb fast food menus, "The low fat, low-carb message has been effective, especially in increasing our market base in Alaska with the new wraps and premium salads, and now we are very excited about the new toasted sub option that will be coming out in a couple of months," said Northcutt. The new store on K-Beach Rd. also features a whole new look for the Subway chain, with new earth colors and rustic dcor.

Northcutt is also proud of the employment opportunities that he is able to provide for entry level workers in the job market, "We've been able to improve our pay and benefits packages to better address the needs of our young adults and offer them a work experience that is valuable to them and their future. We have great people working for us and that is the key to our growth and success," said Northcutt. In addition to owning four Subway stops on the Peninsula, Northcutt is a helicopter pilot for ERA Aviation. He says he learned to take his sleep when and where he can find it in the military, but with the opening of the new K-Beach store is looking forward to having more rest time in the future. That future however, includes some remodeling plans for the Kenai and Soldotna stores, and perhaps some new seasonal Subway stops on the western Peninsula, "Basically our future will be getting better at what we are already doing," summed up Northcutt.

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