Trail of 'fun' no fun for those following it

Posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am responding to the paper's write up regarding all the trash from people doing their annual fishing on the Kenai beaches (Clarion, Aug. 5).

How appalling! These people, whether local or from Anchorage or the outside, need to be fined up the wazoo! Do they not know that littering is a punishable offense of $1,000? It's no different than seeing someone toss trash from a vehicle in my book.

The answer? Put more patrol officers, Fish and Game or whoever is in charge, to camp there to nail people as soon as its seen. Finding things like "ironing boards, leftover hibachi or grills" is just a blatant disregard for our beaches. There is no excuse. The fish guts, well at least the local bird clean up crew will eventually take care of all that. Trash, however, just shows they love to come play on the peninsula, but leave a trail of their "fun" everywhere for someone else to pick up.

Put a cabin on the beach, for the officers to sleep in during the summer months, especially during the dipnetting, and anywhere they see people dropping their trash, fine them on the spot, period. Maybe after being nailed a few times, the simple "pack it in, pack it out" lesson will be learned.

My heart goes out to the volunteers who are picking up after these pigs. Thank you for all your doing. It's very obvious there is a problem that needs to be rectified before next year's dipnetting season. Don't let this continue, I'm writing the mayor and everyone I can think of to get this issue addressed.

I love walking on the beaches, and it ticks me off to no end to see the broken glasses, Capri Sun packages and various other forms of litter just laying around. Let's get something started so maybe next year we won't have this to deal with. Write whoever you can, and put your concerns and or ideas out in the open. Have a great week.

Kara Steele, Kenai

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