If only the Bible got as much attention as Harry Potter

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 10, 2007

As the River Thames rises in England, the people fearfully watch. As Harry Potter fans get their long-awaited seventh book, God watches and waits. As the world slowly turns, the lines are becoming clearer and clearer. The Shepherd calls come to me, my sheep, please change your ways, wolfs, while you still have time.

If only newly printed King James Bibles got as much attention as Scholastic released Harry Potter book. Wow, wouldn't that be something? Wouldn't kids dressed like King David, Elijah, Ruth or Naomi be cool?

If only authors like J.K. Rowling were more honest about their true colors. Wouldn't it be easier even on some of the sheep who have become so open-minded their brains are falling out?

Sheryl Dee Main


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