Studded tire fines are wrong

Posted: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How many tickets have been wrongly doled out for this nonexisting problem? How long have you waited in line too change your tires to avoid that fateful day when the studs had to be off, for nothing?

In their zeal to enhance revenue, DOT experts deemed studs must be the reason their fine road projects soon looked like slot car tracks. To cure the problem the first knee-jerk action was naturally, "Hey, let's fine the people." If we write up the law just right we can fine them for every stud they have after or before certain dates!!

As incredible as it seems, this rule had no effect and the ruts just grew deeper. The rut in the wallets of many Alaskans also grew deeper. If you paid a ticket for studded tires over the years, you have been scammed!! I know the folks who wrote that rule are now aware it is a scam, but I have seen no effort to relieve the people of a costly overburden of tire change out!! It costs a lot of money to twice yearly rotate your tires. A lot of belt tightening is going on around the state as the economy slows down. Maybe our representatives could show some real concern for the voters who put them where they are and scrap this scam!

Studed tires are not the problem, its the normal compression of the asphalt and subsurface roadway. A recent and well publicized study gave proof of the cause of these ruts!! The study even mentioned a preventative method of making rut-proof blacktop: Little pellets of spongy closed cell polypropylene cures the problem!!

Now that the public is knowledgeable of the problem where is the outcry for relief from an undue burden? How many undue traffic stops have been made bye officers who thought they heard the studs on your tires eating the roadway? Well, I think it's time we give those guys a break! This should be one more thing the public safety officers throughout the state can just quit worrying about!! They have enough to do without the ticky-tacky rule about our ticky-tacky studs. The money paid by those unlucky enough to have been insulted bye this rule is real. I don't see a class action law suit for repayment of the many fines paid under this scam. What I see is the continued effort to govern via fines and citations. Every time some social problem arises there seems to be a rush to write legislation that enhances the state revenues, whether it solves the problem or not. Just another example of the over-policing of America. They can fine us for nothing, cost us hundreds of dollars each year rotating tires, then when it's a proven scam just blow it off.

Call your representatives and say no more please!!

Dennis Barnard


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