Personalizing your Locker

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2000

A person's school locker is their own little space away from home. If you take it for the grey metal box that it is, it's pretty boring. But if you personalize it, you can make it something all your own.

Here are some ideas to make your locker a little more exciting and functional this upcoming school year:

Shelving: You can purchase shelves that specifically fit into lockers. Many of them offer different levels and colors. They're a great way to keep your books organized and to not waste that open space.

Magnetic Poetry: Whenever you have an urgent need to compose a haiku, (and believe me, it does happen!) magnetic poetry will do the trick. You can find it at almost every novelty shop. Each magnet has a word on it -- several vowels and nouns and obscure words can help you write a brilliant epic during your passing period.

Photos: This is the ultimate way to personalize your locker. Plastic frames with magnets on the back are an easy way to display snapshots. You also can buy magnetic sheets that are able to be cut and have a sticky side that can attach to the photo back. Use pictures of you and your friends and your summer trip so you can remember the fun times of the past.

Mirrors: It's easy to find magnetic mirrors that are made for lockers. They come in handy for quick post-lunch teeth checks. Use plastic mirrors as opposed to glass mirrors, as they tend to fall easily and the platic ones won't break.

Shelf Paper: Use shelf paper to line your locker door and walls -- but only if it's approved by your school. There are plenty of designs to choose from that will match your personality or your decorating scheme.

Air Fresheners: Whether you store stinky rugby cleats in that little space or you just really love the smell of vanilla, you can't go wrong with those little cardboard trees.

Erasable Boards: You won't easily forget to take your permission slip or your tuba home if you have written a note to yourself on an erasable board. Chalkboards can make your hands messy and can leave white powder on your coat. Go for the dry-erase markers instead.

Baskets and Pencil Cups: To help wrangle your pens and pencils, decorate little plastic boxes and pencil cups with stickers or decoupage. Use cigar boxes and other small, sturdy boxes to hold other treasures.

Collages: Cut pictures out of magazines and catalogs to make a collage of things you enjoy. Paste the clippings on sheets of cardboard and tape the cardboard onto your locker walls and door. This avoids having to destroy your collage when the school year is over.

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