Helping your children with their homework

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2000

Be sure your child has a place to study -- someplace that has enough light and plenty of desktop or tabletop space.

Set up a study schedule. Students should study at the same time each day, at a time when your child is the most alert. Ask them to help you set up their schedule.

Work a few examples of math or science problems with your child before they start an assignment to be sure they understand it.

Look over your children's work after the teacher has returned it and go over it with them. Talk about the incorrect answers as well as how well they did on the correct ones.

Reward your child for academic achievements.

Help your child develop good study habits. Show them different techniques for studying. Ask them to set study goals. Encourage them to study material to understand it, not just to pass a test. They can summarize chapters, make up their own questions and ask you to quiz them.

Surf educational sites on the Internet with your children. There are several that offer homework help for all ages.

Take your children on educational outings -- to zoos, museums and exhibits. Encourage them to do additional research on the Internet or in a library if a particular exhibit intrests them.

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