Birch Ridge Report: Second summer arrives

Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2005

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty sure it was time to update my winter wardrobe. I was ready to mention the looming shopping deadline for — get ready — CHRISTMAS! But just when those dreary, dark and dank thoughts started closing in, the sun came out and I was once again applying sunscreen to my newly shaved legs. (Okay, the picture got a little ugly, but perhaps you should acquire a more flexible imagination, what?)

To kick off this second summer in Soldotna, the Bassackwards tournament here at Birch Ridge is on its way. Mark your calendars for a 5 p.m. tee time on Aug. 20. It also would be helpful to get your name in by 5 p.m. on Aug. 19 so that the Birch Ridge Golf Association can get all the team players' names in proper order.

This year's event will cost you $40 a pop, which includes greens fees, tournament fees and a GREAT steak dinner following. This is always my favorite tourney; I don't know why, but I seem to play better backwards. (As a reminder, last year I was responsible for getting the markers out for longest drive, closest-to and so on. I forgot. Mea culpa. Somebody else will be doing that this year. Be not afraid.)

The ending of August is also the ending of both Men and Ladies Birch Ridge Cup matches, and the Senior League. (The seniors continue playing "unofficially" until the cold gets down into their old bones — what a bunch of whiners.) Sept. 3 and 4 is the combined tournament of the Kenai Golf Association and the Birch Ridge Golf Association. We will be hosting that this year, so more info will come at a later date. The Cold Weather Classic (for couples) is slated for Sept. 24 — ditto the info.

The last "official" Men's Night will be Sept. 14. In the meantime, it seems the rain kept a few away last week. Mike Hollingsworth, Dave Haag and Caleb Sizemore were the first-place winners that wet Wednesday; Caleb beat all comers for closest-to on Nos. 6 and 8. Bob "Dad of Caleb" Sizemore won for longest drive.

And speaking of Ladies Cup Matches (??), on that same rainy Wednesday — to which the men were so adverse — Ardie Crawford and Jessica Sundberg tied Sally Hoagland and Jana Query with some outstanding moments in golf. Ms. Sundberg placed a 65-foot putt on No. 16, while Ms. Hoagland scored an eagle on No. 18 from 100 yards out! Luckily, my play pal and I already played both these teams. No, if you must ask.

Those seniors seem to be growing in number out on "their day." Seventeen were roaming the fairways this week. Darrel Jelsma, Ray Hamby, Gordon Briscoe and Louise Schadle beat out all others. Closest-to on No. 6 was Gary Effenbeck with John Tongen likewise on No. 8. Mr. Jelsma won kudos for long putt.

Tuesday Morning Ladies enjoyed their last potluck for the summer, albeit they'll still be out playing (a)round. Tied for the fewest putts in gaming goes to Chiya Bazan and Kathy Herring. Ginger Llewellyn and Shirley Johnsrud beat all comers for "most sevens," while Tanya Boedecker won the prestigious Red Lantern.

It's that time again — see you on the front nine (I'll be the one in white legs)!

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