Now is time to get involved; elect leaders who are honest

Posted: Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Secret deals, legislation by caucus, by party, is more important than all the people who elected them. In reality, laws are made in back rooms, not in front of the public. Only special interests need to be heard, after all they contribute to the election. Candidates need the job. Corporate welfare is more important. It's taxpayers money that is being spent, not theirs! Take it away from those who cannot help themselves, the least able among us the seniors. They're not needed anymore. What has happened to this great land?

Those who were elected say one thing before being elected and then do the opposite. I see California recalling its governor massive deficits. How many other states have the very same problem? Including ours. Deficit means overspending! Tell it like it is.

What has to be done is to elect those whose word is their bond! Who tell it like it is publicly. Who care for the people they serve, who trusted them with their vote. And who do not forget that trust after being elected!

We need sincere, honest people, not those who twist and and distort facts to serve themselves or those of special interests.

This is a great land the best in the world! Make a difference. Get involved. Elect and support good, honest leaders who care about all of us citizens, not just a few.

Recall those that don't!

Ed Martin Sr.


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