Vandalism shows disregard for youth efforts, story of hope

Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2004

Last Saturday evening, the cast of The Nazi Chronicles gathered just outside Soldotna to have a picture taken in front of the sign advertising the play. This gathering of dedicated young people celebrated months of hard work on the part of actors, directors and countless others spanning from Sterling to Nikiski who cooperated to bring this important story to life.

Less than 10 minutes after the group left to prepare for the night's performance, part of the sign was ripped off and left hanging. Someone trespassed on private property in order to vandalize a sign advertising local theater that serves young people and enriches our community.

This act diminishes the great work these talented people have devoted themselves to all summer. It is unknown whether common vandals tried to destroy the sign or if it was an individual who has misinterpreted its meaning.

If there are those who still think we are advertising some hate group, they are misinformed. To clear up misconceptions, the word "chronicle" means: "1. an account of events presented in chronological order or, 2. a narrative or fictional account." It does not mean rally, or gathering, or convention, or anything else that might imply there is a Nazi group meeting at SoHi today, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

This knee-jerk reaction to the word Nazi highlights the ignorance of a few. This story of hope, courage, love, honor and standing up in the face of great evil is a message all of us can support. My hope and my belief is that thinking people are still in the majority, and it is for those that we present "The Nazi Chronicles."

Carla Jenness


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