Terrorist efforts affect us all

Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thursday’s arrests in Great Britain have once again startled us into the realization that the war against the United States is far from over. We knew that, but as time has passed, we’ve become complacent, and the thought that there could be attacks on our home turf have faded.

Trying to imagine the unthinkable — the death and destruction of thousands of innocent people — is horrific. It’s difficult to understand how or why anyone looks upon these tactics as acceptable in any deity’s eyes.

The good news is that, at least for now, the plan has been thwarted, although we’ll never be certain of what was or is in store for us by those who mastermind and take joy in the tragedy of others — including Americans.

Part of the success of discovering the plot means more changes in our freedoms. No longer may we carry a bottle of water on a plane — or hand lotion or toothpaste or contact lens solution. The creativity of these terrorists to use liquids to create bombs is unimaginable. To be so hell bent on destroying others is a sickness we struggle to understand.

Fortunately, we have the talents of those who are vigilant looking out for the good and decency of mankind. It’s difficult to believe that so few can damage the lives of so many and feel no remorse.

However, we also know that when the people of this country get riled, it’s not good to be on America’s bad side. We fight for our own and take care of our people as best as we can, and we look out for each other when evil threatens to tear us apart.

The terrorists know who they are dealing with. It’s just the bully in them that makes them want to try and take us down. But that isn’t going to happen. We won’t let it.

If you plan to take to the skies, be patient with the changes. The delays, the hassles, they are designed to protect us from those convinced that killing others is the answer to their own desire for personal glory.

They may have made us fearful, but we are not afraid to move on. And though the battle may be far from over, the fact that we go on with our lives is our best response. As Americans, the courage to do so is our victory.

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