Don't worry, be happy, follow president's lead and take summer break ... Say what you will about our president, he knows the value of a good vacation. Right now, he's probably easing back in an overstuffed armchair at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and wondering if he can fit in a nap before tee time.

Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2002

Good work, Mr. President.

Some would criticize Mr. Bush's 25-day break, but he is, in fact, a good role model for the rest of us. Researchers have studied what happens to human beings who are vacation deprived. It's not pretty. Stress, burnout, sleep disturbances, deteriorating relationships, and a long list of health problems. ...

Few it seems, have mastered the fine art of vacationing. ...

People. This is America. We're the world leader, the trendsetter. And yet we are pathetic when it comes to vacationing. Look, the capitals of Europe are emptying out for the annual August hiatus. In America? Some of us are vacationing, but notice how. We take our pagers, cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerrys, wireless laptop modems. Heaven forbid we should be out of touch for a few minutes.

... Let your mind roam. Take a walk. Bake some cookies. Do the thing you've put off for months, unless it involves home repair.

Above all, stop worrying. ...

-- The Chicago Tribune

Aug. 11

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