It's very American to be suspicious, and question those in authority

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2003

I am so happy that I am an American! I must admit, though, to not always being proud of it. Whereas I am thrilled that I live in a country where the residents can protest openly, and even slam each other in newspapers without too much ado, physically accosting folks who pose no immediate physical threat to a person should always be considered as wrong.

I am impressed by Earl L. Miller's passionate declaration of his beliefs, as well as the bravery of individuals who would publicly protest a "popular" war. Unfortunately, it is the blind patriotism evident in Mr. Miller's letter that is exactly the attitude a lying government needs in

order to control its citizens. Best to be cautious and curious, I would think.

Yes, Saddam Hussein is obviously a bad man, but there are many bad men in the world, and even our own president is suspect. True Americans question authority.

Marty Hapeman, Kasilof

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