'Yes' vote urged on 4

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2008

It is truly unfortunate that in a time where Alaska's corrupt politics is being exposed, we have Native corporations and groups backed by foreign mining companies resorting to the same tired politics of fear and deceit as they bombard Alaskans with misleading ads concerning Ballot Measure 4.

If you actually read measure 4, you see it does one thing: it prevents new, large mines from discharging toxins into waters used by humans or salmon.

How could anyone be opposed to protecting Alaska's clean water and wild salmon? And yet in print and on television we are told that measure 4 threatens Alaskans' jobs, thus we should vote against it.

The multimillion dollar ad campaign shows us slow-motion images of smiling mine employees in their hard hats and safety glasses -- true Alaskans with their pioneering spirit. What the ads fail to show are the people of Kivilina, downstream from the Red Dog Mine, who are being offered water filtration units by the mine, in recognition of the years the mine discharged toxins into their water. They fail to show the data reported by the mine's themselves, available at epa-echo.gov, that show the mine's consistently exceeding their allowable discharge limits of lead, cyanide and heavy metal toxins into our waters. And you'll notice they never actually quote measure 4, which specifically exempts existing mines. It doesn't affect them at all, meaning no jobs lost.

Why don't they show these things? Because they would be the truth, and in their quest to satiate their greed, the truth is expendable.

Have we not had enough of corruption and deceit? Apparently the Native corporations and foreign mining companies think Alaskans will still fall for the same old politics of fear and innuendo.

Read Ballot Measure 4 for yourself. It does none of the things they claim. It is our clean water they want to pollute. It is our salmon they want to be allowed to poison. Don't let them do what they've done at every single large sulfide mine on Earth -- pollute the surrounding waters.

Vote "Yes" on Ballot Measure 4.

Mathew Cannava


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