Linda Kay Reynolds, Republican

Reynolds: Prepared to vote as majority dictates

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Linda Kay Reynolds is running for House District 9 because she could not find anyone else she could trust to do the job.

"I looked for a candidate who would do the will of the people and protect the ermanent fund dividend and do the job as they are supposed to do," Reynolds said.

"When that didn't work, I had two choices: sit and complain, or put my name in the hat."

Reynolds has lived in Alaska since 1974, and on the peninsula since 1994. She lists a Soldotna phone number and post office box, but lives just outside the city limits on Gaswell Road, the cusp of District 8 and District 9. Her sister, Carolyn Ann Reynolds, is running for the House District 8 seat.

Reynolds said she feels qualified to hold the District 9 seat because she understands people who are struggling.

"I truly believe that I am more in touch and can convey that to Juneau," she said.

Name: Linda Kay Reynolds

Candidate for: House District 9

Age: 43

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Family: My parents homesteaded in Willow in 1974. I grew up in the restaurant and manufacturing industries. I am the mother of two and feel duty bound to ensure all our children can obtain a quality education and employment in Alaska.

Education: C.P.A. (relative) accounting and business management

Previously held elected office and experience: Private sector only -- business management. I am not a politician, rather the antidote. The time for change is now.

Expected cost of campaign: Primary election -- under $2,500.

Best way to reach me: phone -- 262-2842; mail -- Linda Reynolds, Box 763, Soldotna AK 99669

Reynolds has never held an elective office, but said she feels that is an advantage.

"What I can offer is good private sector business and management skills, something that is foreign to state offices," she said.

Reynolds said she has no major community accomplishments except being a good citizen and neighbor.

"I've always been one to help people, but it's not something I bring up for public attention," she said. "I'm basically a caring person, and use that whenever the opportunity avails itself."

She said she differs from the other three candidates running for District 9 by her new ideas and business background.

"If we ran the government the same way as a business, government would be more efficient," Reynolds said.

She gave the example of state road maintenance.

"We can't have 12 guys in an office deciding what road needs work and one guy out doing it. We need one guy making the decisions and 12 out working," she said.

Efficiency in government goes hand-in-hand with reining in state spending, Reynolds said.

"The most important issue facing the state, in my opinion, is the out of control spending," she said. "We spend too much in the state, it's that simple.

"What we need to do is emphasize less state spending and better money management."

Once spending is under control, Reynolds said opening the door to resource development is needed.

"This whole state is one large natural resource that we can't touch," she said.

Reynolds said she hopes people in the voting booth will remember that she is motivated to improve the quality of life for peninsula residents, and that she will vote the will of the majority if elected.

The man Reynolds said she would like to have seen run for District 9 is Ed Martin Sr. Instead, he's endorsing her candidacy.

"I gave every candidate the opportunity to convince me, but Linda in particular appears to have the drive to succeed," Martin said.

"The reason I picked her is she seemed to want to make a difference, not just 'join the club,' so to speak."

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