James R. Price, Republican Moderate

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Breaking the grip of special interests is the goal of District 9 Republican Moderate candidate James Price of Nikiski.

"I believe the two primary parties are not fulfilling their obligation to Alaska," the 12-year resident of the peninsula said. "I believe special interests control the Democratic and Republican parties and the average citizen is not being represented in Juneau."

District 9 includes Nikiski, Kenai and much of Kalifornsky Beach Road.

The Republican Moderate Party was created two years ago by gubernatorial candidate Ray Metcalfe, who wanted to split from the Republican Party to escape the influence of the religious right. Price is among six Republican Moderates seeking office this year.

Metcalfe endorses Price and said he is the best candidate for the job because he comes with a guarantee. "He is a Republican Moderate who has signed our 'Contract with Alaska,'" Metcalfe said.

The Republican Moderate Party holds its members to a strict code of ethics and party principals, called the Contract with Alaska. The party expects its candidates to consider legislation based on its principles and to be honest and ethical. Anyone who strays from the course will be asked to resign.

Name: James R. Price

Candidate for: House District 9

Age: 41

Occupation: Oilfield worker -- Electrical and Process Instrumentation

Family: Single

Education: Soldotna Testing Center, 1996, GED; AVTEC, 1991, Longlining and Loran/Radar Certification. UAA - MAPTS, Various dates; 1991-1996, Rescue for and Entry to Confined Spaces, Health and Safety, and Hazwoper Certifications. F and F Safety Specialists, 1999, Petro-Chemical Health and Safety - Renewal Certification. Kenai Peninsula College, 1996-1997, 39 credit hours. Classes in process instrumentation

Organizations and special interests: Member of the North Peninsula Community Council. Camping, fishing, writing, promotion of economic development and political change in Alaska. Reduction of the size and authority of government; Libertarianism. Promotion of the new Republican Moderate Party.

Previously held office and experience: None

Expected cost of campaign: Currently estimated at $1,800 to $5,000 of total expenditures.

Best way to reach me: home phone -- 776-3481; e-mail -- jprice@kenai.net

"James Price comes with this warranty," Metcalfe said.

Price said he comes with the perspective of someone who was not brought up within government.

"I've worked in private enterprise all my life, and think from that perspective, I am especially qualified to serve," he said. "I have no special interest baggage and just want to serve the people of District 9."

Though he has never served in an elective office, Price did serve in the campaign of Republican hopeful Aaron Goforth in his race for District 9 two years ago. Price was campaign manager at the beginning of Goforth's bid and later served as campaign treasurer.

Price also worked with Goforth to organize a counter protest to a Greenpeace protest in 1994. He said the event was held in succeeding years as Industry Appreciation Day.

"I also formed the nonprofit organization Industry Counts with Aaron Goforth and Jack Brown," Price said.

Besides being in a relatively new political party, Price said he is different than the mainstream candidates in the race in that he is not beholden to corporate supporters.

"I keep getting back to the same thing: I am not bought and paid for by any special interest groups," he said.

Price said, in his opinion, the most important issue facing the state is the budget.

"What I'll do is systematically reduce state spending, and I'll promote alternate avenues of revenue," he said. "I would also like to promote more employment opportunities on the Kenai Peninsula."

When people enter the voting booth, Price said he wants them to remember that he and the Republican Moderates are all about change.

"We're a new party, and we're here to represent the needs of the people of Alaska, and I'm here to represent the needs of the people in District 9," he said.

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