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Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Despite the fact that I have been away from home more this summer then any time in my life, I am surviving and making the most of it by occupying my free time with fishing, berry picking and chasing the bears in the Beluga area. I have found plenty of watermelon berries and blue berries this year. I sent a fresh supply home for Travis and his newly found pancake making talent. I have caught plenty of pike this summer too with the biggest one being a beautiful 39-inch fish. Lucky for me I require a lot less sleep then most people, so despite working a 12-hour schedule I still have plenty of time to start a new adventure each day. Yes I still work in the oil field and once I get back home I am spending most of the next three weeks camping and hunting.

This year my family and I once again caught our supply of salmon by using the dip netting method. What a wonderful way to fill your freezer however I personally feel it is the most abused fishery in Alaska. I see or hear of many people taking way over their limit and also taking way more fish then they could possibly eat! I have long said if your participating in the personal use fishery you should be required to wear a visible bag tag number so that those leaving their trash behind or abusing the fishery could easily be reported. We could also report you if you were one of those unpleasant jerks we all have shared the water or beach with too. After a few complaints those offenders would loose their right to take part in the personal use fishery. If you were fortunate enough to get some extra fish this year please don’t let them freezer burn. Give them to our elderly or other needy people now while they are still fresh.

I was told local vet Jim Ries has shot a bull moose with his bow this year. Jim has been battling some disabilities for several years and simply does not get around as good as he used to which makes it all the more difficult to accomplish moose hunting. Now he has been successful two years in a row! Good job Jim! Well that’s all for now see you next week...I just got the urge to go chase the bears again before going to bed!

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