Writer would rather see Murkowski than Knowles

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Every working class person in the state of Alaska, union, nonunion, middle or low wage earners along with every small business should put pettiness aside (Lisa, Longevity, the plane) and support our current governor. Binkley or Palin can’t and won’t beat Knowles! Here is why you should support Governor Murkowski for another four years instead of Knowles.

The governor has plans on a couple of important issues we should listen to. One is opening up Alaska with more roads, instead of just the rich enjoying our state by aircraft. The first is talk of a road to McGrath that would allow us to develop more of our natural resources for hunting, fishing and recreation, that he plans on taking to the vote of the people.

If you want your standard of living to continue to rise, he’s the guy that can make it happen, with his 20-plus years in the United States Senate! He has contacts that are unparalleled by all the other candidates running period! The governor is also looking into a plan to have a choice of the PFD check or medical insurance for the residents of Alaska. Both very important issues for Alaska’s future.

Without development we will have more people on some sort of state assistance. Like it or not the people are coming and we need jobs not welfare. Sure big businesses are making big profits, but big profits create more jobs, plain and simple.

This state cannot survive into the future, for our children and grandchildren with a lock-up attitude, Knowles and his administration had previously had a lock-up attitude and I doubt that this will change if he is elected. We cannot afford that for the future of our state and country.

John Dunham


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