Kenai can be proud of its young gentlemen at KCHS

Posted: Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I have never written a letter to the editor before, so bear with me. I was recently playing the Kenai Chrysler Open golf tournament at the Kenai Golf Course for the third time. Another golf professional friend and I started coming to the tournament as an excuse to go fishing. Needless to say the fishing is great, but we haven't brought rods up since the first year. We had so much fun at the tournament, with the dinners, long drive championship and such that we couldn't find time to fish. And for my fishing buddy Curt, that is something.

I'd like to thank Bob Favretto and Bob Bambace of Kenai Chrysler and Great Bear Ford for providing me with an excuse to come to Kenai each year. They have developed a first-class tournament that has introduced many golfers to your beautiful area. With the help of Lori Goodman, the tournament director, and Kenai Bill and Carol from the Kenai Golf Course, I expect it to get better and better. But that's not the reason that I am writing this letter.

As I said before, I've been to Alaska several times and always thought the best thing about Alaska was the people. A no-nonsense, fun-loving people. Friendly and giving. During the recent tournament there were many volunteers working as spotters along the fairways (even the pros need help finding drives on Kenai's tight fairways). All the volunteers were great, but this letter is to tell the people of Kenai of my experience with the young gentlemen of the Kenai Cardinals football team.

On the second hole of the day, I saw that the young gentlemen who were acting as spotters all had Kenai football T-shirts on. As my son plays, I asked them how the team looked for this year.

They said that they thought they would be very competitive as they won the state championship last year and are returning most of that team. The next time I saw some of those red T-shirts I went over and talked football with them, and each subsequent group. Just small talk like, what position do you play, what grade are you in, and stuff like that.

As you can tell we had a little time between shots. I used mine on each hole talking football with the young gentlemen. Normally I would have said kids, but that moniker would not do these young people justice. In each and every conversation with several different groups of these football players it was "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and "our pleasure, sir." I was so impressed with the way they represented themselves, their school and their parents that I felt compelled to write this letter.

People of Kenai, be proud of your young gentlemen, I am.

Louie Runge

P.G.A. Professional

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