Take money out of politics with Proposition 1

Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2006

In Tuesday’s election you’ll have an opportunity to take your government back. I support Proposition 1, which seeks to limit the money special interests and wealthy contributors can give to legislators and candidates. Alaska should be a place where laws pass because you want them, not because wealthy donors and lobbyists want them.

Wonder why this sounds familiar? In 2003 the Republican Party, Governor Murkowski, and the Legislature doubled the amount of money big donors and political parties could spend to elect candidates. They also made it easier for oil company and other lobbyists, sent to Juneau to influence your legislators, to hide their activities from public scrutiny. In doing so, they gutted the strong campaign rules passed after 30,000 Alaskans signed a Campaign Finance Reform initiative in 1996.

By limiting the amount of money wealthy donors can spend on candidates, you’ll make your voice louder. A teacher, nurse or laborer with a good idea shouldn’t have their voice drowned out by an oil or tobacco company executive who can now get a politician s attention with a $1,000 check.

Thanks to the 40,000 Alaskans who signed the petition to get this issue back on the ballot. And thanks to the other Democratic legislators who worked harder than I did to gather the signatures needed so we could get big money out of politics again.

Rep. Les Gara


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