Poet’s Corner

The Last Hurrah

Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2006

The last hurrah included:

Corn on the cob,

served piping hot,

slathered with melted butter,

and garlic salt.

Two chili-dogs,

peppered with pickled jalapenos,

on squishy white buns.

Blue cotton candy, three bags of Skittles

flat root beer;

Before bungee jumping-off the trampoline,

and betting on the pig races,

assisting a lady clown,

and haggling the juggler,

who had a bad sense of balance

and whose little dog

had an uncanny habit of jumping through hoops

at just the wrong time.

I do hope the kids had fun too.

For tomorrow there is school

Yes, tomorrow there is school.

And mommie can rest.

And mommie can rest.

And mommie can have,

The Last Hurrah.

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