Council meetings should be broadcast

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

As a longtime listener of borough assembly meeting radio broadcasts, I completely disagree with the anonymous author of the Clarion's snide editorial (Aug. 3) about increasing access to Kenai City Council meetings. More access to city council and commission meetings is always better, no matter what the medium especially since there is so little coverage of city government in the local monopoly newspaper.

It is astounding that the Clarion would waste paper griping about efforts to improve access to Kenai government.

The best access to Kenai City Council meetings would be live radio broadcasts, like the borough assembly. You can listen in the comfort of your own home, and when you want to testify on a topic, you can go to the meeting just before it comes up you don't have to wait around for hours, in uncomfortable, cramped seats, in overheated rooms.

The Kenai City Council recently approved tape delay broadcast of council meetings on our local cable access channel, and that's a good start. I appreciate Les Krusen's efforts to research other options for broadcasting city council meetings, and I hope the council will adopt them.

There are so many inaccuracies in the anonymous Clarion editorial, I can't address them all in a short letter to the editor. It's unfortunate that, in one of the few times the Clarion has shown any interest in local government, the anonymous author can't get it right.

Kristine A. Schmidt


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