Vote no: River belongs to everyone

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

Seems as though we've already lost.

With the pressure from the guides to increase the horsepower on the river, now the dealers are jumping on the bandwagon, too. The other day I even saw an ad for 50hp engines, before we've even passed this law.

As homeowners on the Kenai River and fellow fishermen, we need to fight this injustice. We need to force a vote to the people and not be dictated to by the politicians who are in somebody's pocket. Whomever is suggesting that if we don't change our motors to 4 stroke, that we will have to stay off the river during the month of July. Who the hell came up with this idea? Could it be the greedy guides that want the river to themselves, they're not making enough money already?

How did we suddenly change from one guided trip a day to two, which doubled the traffic on the river to begin with? There's your pollution problem. Either keep the motors at 35hp or change everything to drift boats. I want to preserve this river and its resources for generations to come.

Don't let these greedy folks force us into something we don't want. Otherwise we will eventually lose our precious resource and there's no way to get it back. Look at what they did in Kachemak Bay in Homer, there used to be king crab and shrimp there, now nothing, totally fished out. Halibut will be next.

Haven't we learned from our mistakes or are we destined to repeat them? Vote no on 50hp! Leave our river alone! Let the people of the state vote, not just those on the peninsula. This resource belongs to us all and our children's children. Think about it. We owe it to them to help protect and preserve it.

John Reece


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