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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

I recently read an article about the man who caught Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball. The man, who was from New York, had planned a vacation to Australia but decided to take a layover in San Francisco so he could attend the baseball game and possibly be a part of history.

He chose his seat carefully to be in the section he figured Bonds would most likely hit a home run.

Amazingly enough, after a mad scramble and what the news accounts call a "scrum," he emerged with a piece of history made of horsehide. Estimates of worth are ranging in the half-million dollar ballpark.

What this story got me thinking about was the importance of position not position in climbing the ladder of success, but how we might position ourselves to be in the place where we can catch the blessing of God in our lives.

Positioning ourselves well to be in the place where God is able to bless us is an important consideration for us.

We might observe others who seem to be in that position. It may seem when they pray, the answer to that prayer comes in a timely and remarkable way. Or, we may observe that some seem to live their lives without the same level of crisis that we or others seem to experience.

It might be simplistic to generalize too much, but we might assess our own situation and get a sense of whether we are in position or out of position to receive the blessings from God we seek.

I believe getting ourselves in position encompasses the whole of our lives. The bottom line being the level of obedience to God in every area of our lives.

Obedience is what positions us well to experience the favor of God upon our lives. The greater the level of our obedience to the Lord, the better we are positioned to be in line with his blessings.

However, obedience in one area does not compensate for disobedience in another.

It might work similarly with the way our lives work. Someone who might be very successful in business but neglects his or her health will find that business success does nothing to compensate for damaged health.

You must be astute in business and be diligent about good health to experience blessings in both arenas.

To experience God's blessings in your family life, obedience in how we value our relationships to God and one another position us well to have a happy family.

To experience God's blessings in our financial life, we need obedience in handling our money with the priorities God's word sets forth. To position ourselves to receive God's blessings in our relationships with others, we need obedience to the Lord in our own attitudes and responses.

The greater our obedience in every area of our lives, the better position we are in to receive his blessings.

Because of the numerous areas of our lives that can receive the blessing of God, it is difficult to summarize in this small space, but Deuteronomy 28: 1-14 speaks of the incredible blessings that are ours when we position ourselves well through obedience.

Just as the man who was able to catch Barry Bonds' history-making home run ball, we can position ourselves well to be in the place where the blessings of God are ours to receive.

"The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and he adds no sorrow with it," Proverbs 10:22.

Stephen Brown is a minister at the Kenai New Life Assembly of God, 209 Princess St. in Kenai.

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