Hal Smalley - House District 33 Democrat

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It's time to get off the roller coaster. For too many years, we have been going along for the ride on the "Oil Price Roller Coaster." This ride has not served the state of Alaska well. Our citizens and future generations pay dearly for this indulgence! We must get off and get going in order to:

Develop and implement a long-range fiscal plan that protects the PFD. It must close the gap, be fair and have the least impact on Alaskans and our economy. As a Legislature, we must have the courage to work together to consider all sources of revenue and cost reductions. Businesses will be more attracted to a state that has its financial house in order.

Move quickly on constructing a gas pipeline to tidewater in Alaska. Without it, we face the loss of more than 1,000 good paying jobs in our area. These employees are an integral part of our communities. This is our resource. We should have the jobs and the access. We can't afford NOT to do this!

Continue to work for excellence in education for every student. This involves both funding and commitment from our communities to recognize that the education of our children benefits all. They are our children, the present and future of our state. Education is also intertwined with economic issues and is an important key to our success as we continue to develop a well-educated, trained and ready workforce. As a retired educator, I find it rewarding to have my car, my teeth and my roof worked on by former students of our district. Our goal should be to have more opportunities for our children to return and be a part of our communities.

I've always considered it a privilege to live on the Kenai Peninsula. I'm dedicated to working toward a vision of Alaska with a sound fiscal future, with excellent job opportunities and a quality of life that enriches us all. It's an Alaska that is looking forward, while remembering the ways of working together that are rooted in our past. You know, if you have lived in the state for any length of time, we haven't always done it this way. Republicans and Democrats, those in the rail belt and the villages, all worked together. Things got done in the true Alaska spirit. We helped each other, electing representatives who worked together for all the constituents, the good of the district and the state. Carrying out the process of government behind closed doors has not always been the rule. It's time to open the doors and let some light into the legislative process. It's time to let more voices and opinions be heard. It's time to set aside partisan politics and work together in the Legislature. It is time for a change. You can make a difference in this election by voting for a representative who is experienced, has integrity and a sound record of leadership. I would appreciate your vote.

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