Dave Richards - House District 33 Republican

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My name is David Richards, I am a longtime resident of Soldotna and I am a candidate for the Legislature to represent the people of House District 33 in Juneau. I am going to use this opportunity to share with the residents of our district my positions on some of the issues facing the state of Alaska. I will also share my personal convictions about my philosophy of government, how I would conduct myself in the Legislature and what I would like to change.

I am in favor of a balanced state budget and taking care of governmental obligations, but I believe we have to many laws, rules and regulations and to much government in Alaska. My premise in being in the Legislature would be to scrutinize every dollar that we spend and every law, rule and regulation we have on the books. I believe we can cut spending and government very much. I believe we should have the Legislature in Anchorage; this would be a huge money saver for the state. It would not be a matter of moving the Legislature from Juneau, we would just not send them there in the first place. I am absolutely in favor of all meetings of state government being open to the public. We need to open ANWR to oil drilling. I am in favor of Alaska having capital punishment for certain crimes. I think Alaskans should be allowed to vote on this issue. I am opposed to abortion and the state paying for abortions. I believe we should be selling some of the land that the state owns instead of buying more land to be locked up. My policy on lobbyists would be "put it in writing, one page or less, and leave it on my desk." My intention would be to take nothing from anyone. I am in favor of term limits, no more than three terms and out. I do not believe we need a full-time Legislature. We need to stand up to the feds and challenge them on what they are doing here in Alaska. I am not a politician and I do not want to be a politician! I will not be seeking to take money from our PFD checks; I actually have an idea to make them larger.

Concerning myself personally; my wife, Irina, and I have fishing guide business, we own a four-plex rental property, I drive trucks and school buses (class-A,CDL), I drive pilot car, I am a certified flagger, I am an assistant hunting guide and I do other jobs. I have lived here since 1981, I love living in Alaska and I intend to stay. I am a working man, I have common sense, I am good at managing money and I can say no! I really have no desire to live in Juneau but I would very much like to represent District 33 in the Legislature. In conclusion, go vote and please vote for David Richards.

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