Thompson deserved more respect in talent contest

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I am writing this letter in regards to a young man who sings like an angel: Justin Thompson. I had the pleasure of being in your town on the 15th of July and was able to enjoy the performance of folks in your talent show. I was moved beyond words at the performance from Justin. In my estimation, Justin was a class A act. He has talent, confidence, charisma and is so comfortable on stage.

I was sadly informed this week that he has been eliminated from the competition. Can this be true? How do you eliminate your best contestant? What is really going on, I hope there are no small town politics going on? I was personally aghast, as I am sure many of the local folks were. Myself and my family cannot believe that the people who put this on would let a talent of this caliber be passed up! You really missed the boat on this one!

Bernadette Woods , Fairbanks

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